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W745-M Savi

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Savi W745M Convertible Wireless Headset System (PN 86507-21)

  • Optimized for Microsoft Lync & Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Multi-device connectivity. Easily manage PC, mobile and desk phone calls with the most intelligent wireless headset system on the market 
  • The Savi W745-M is a convertible headset and can be worn over the ear, over the head and behind the neck. All three options all included for maximum comfort 
  • Offering up to 350 feet of wireless range the busy office professional is now capable of answering and ending calls from multiple communication platforms through a singular device. 
  • Savi 700 Series allows one base to connect to an additional three headsets for conferencing & training applications
  • Offers unlimited talk time with a fully charged, Swappable Battery - swap your headset battery mid-call without fear of losing your caller
  • Features the lightest wireless headset on the market (when worn with the ear loop style) 
  • Multi-device connectivity allowing one system to connect to your desk phone, PC & Bluetooth enabled mobile phone 
  • Robust noise-cancel microphone that suppresses background noise
  • 350 foot range from your telephone --- 7 hours of talk time
  • Pair up to 3 additional headsets to one base for training or conferencing applications. 
  • Add the HL10 Remote Lifter or any number of Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) options to provide remote answer / end capability of all calls while away from the telephone. Please consult T3E Company for EHS compatibility
  • Add the Online Indicator Light (OLI - part number 65116-02) to alert others when you are on a call