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Evolve2 40 Mono USB-C with Ext. cord (24089-889-889)

$ 193.00

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  • Noise Isolation with Angled Earcup
  • Unified Communications (UC) Certified
  • Single Memory Foam Ear Cushion
  • 3 x Integrated Microphones

Communicate without distraction with the Evolve2 40 Mono Wired On-Ear Headset from Jabra. In modern-day offices with open floor plans and busy work environments, noise and concentration are valuable commodities. Jabra crafted the Evolve2 40 headset to block out noise with an isolating oval memory foam ear cushion and an angled earcup design to maximize passive noise isolation. To keep people at bay, the integrated red busylight can be seen from any direction, and is automatically activated when on a call or in a meeting. It can also be manually activated when needed via earcup controls.