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Yealink BH76-PLUS TEAMS BLACK USB-A (1208658)

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BH76-PLUS TEAMS BLACK USB-A Bluetooth Business Headset w/charging stand (1208658)


  • ROFESSIONAL SOUND. The Yealink BH76 includes 5 microphones for all the audio you’ll need. You get professional sound for your important voice and video calls, and you get the highest level of noise reduction so your callers hear you, and not the sounds going on around you.
  • KEEP YOUR FOCUS. The Yealink BH76 keeps you focused, and not distracted by your background sounds. That’s because it comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), to help tame the unruly noise going on around you. When it gets noisy, just turn on the ANC, and you’ll hear noise fade away.
  • TALK UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME. Literally, you can talk all day, and all night because the BH76 comes with a battery that gives you up to 40 hours of battery power. So rather than having to recharge your headset every day, like some other headsets require, you may only need to recharge once a week.
  • RECHARGE YOUR WAY. You have a couple of ways to recharge the battery in the BH76 wireless headset. You can plug it into the USB cable for recharging, or you can purchase the optional wireless charger for even more convenience. The wireless charger can also be used to recharge your Smartphone.
  • RETRACTABLE MICROPHONE BOOM. The microphone boom on the Yealink BH76 disappears whenever you like. It retracts when it’s not needed, giving you two headsets in one; an all-business headset, and a slick pair of casual listening headphones. Retracting also activates muting and call answering.