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CS545-XD 900MHz

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CS545-XD Unlimited Talk Time 900MHz Convertible Headset System 88909-01

  • Designed to address wireless density issues, so that more wireless headsets can be used in the same space while maintaining clear conversations

  • Provides Unlimited Talk Time using Spare battery + USB/AC power charging kit.  Swap a fully charged battery into your headset, even during a call
  • Convertible Headset allows the user to chose either Over-the-Ear or Over-the-Head wearing style

  • Extremely light weight design, approximately 19 Grams  **When worn over-the-ear**

  • Provides up to 350 feet of range

  • Robust noise-cancel microphone that effectively suppresses background noise in the loudest of environments

  • Add the HL10 Remote Handset Lifter, or any number of Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cables to provide remote call answer/call end