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Polycom has the ultimate, furniture selection for the HDX 9000 Series, HDX 8000 Series, & HDX 7000 Series groups. Polycom's HDX Packaged Solutions media furniture has 2 groups: HDX Executive Collection & HDX Media Center Solutions. The HDX Executive Collection floor system (shown above) is an advanced furniture package for the HDX 9000 Series and intended for large conference areas, due to size of Display(s), or Board Rooms. Designed for an elegant, Polycom-branded pedestal look. Integrated Audio System, also designed and tuned for use with the HDX 9000 Codec. The HDX Media Center (shown on prior Group page) is a furniture solution for the HDX 8000 Series & HDX 7000 Series. HDX Media Center imbeds a 120 watt Custom Sound Bar underneath Displays. HDX Media Center stands also allow for height adjustment of Displays. These respective, furniture packages include the Display Pedestal along with the HDX video system and Displays. HDX Media Center Displays are Single or Dual, 42" 720p LCD units. HDX Executive Collection Displays are 50" 720p Plasma Displays. HDX Media Center Package Solutions are also available that provide Wall Mounting of the Single or Dual LCD Displays. All Packaged Solution configurations feature hiding the HD Codecs (including any ISDN modules) behind the Displays in order to maintain pleasing room aesthetics. Optional caster wheels can be attached to all stands for easy mobility for all Package Solutions. Additionally, Package Solutions can be selected with Table-top HDX Mic Arrays or HDX Ceiling Mics. The package MSRP shown below is for the HDX Media Center 8004 XL, which includes the HDX 8004 XL system, HDX Media Pedestal, 2 x 42" 720p LCD Displays, 2 Soundbars, EagleEye Camera, & HDX Table-top Mic Array. As this is only 1 of a broad selection, please call T3E to discuss the set-up for your HDX video solution.